About UDJ

Utah Dental Jobs is locally owned (based in Utah) and is entirely dedicated to connecting dental industry job seekers with dental industry jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why only focus on Utah?

A: We love Utah – it’s our home. But also, it’s nearly impossible for national job boards to concentrate their time, resources and attention to just one state. Utahn’s get our 100% attention! And that means job seekers and employers get a more focused search to find each other.

Q: Why only focus on Dental Jobs?

A: We love dentistry. General statewide job boards are useful to those looking for all different kinds of jobs. But let’s face it, dental professionals and jobs are unique with very specific skill sets. It benefits both dental employers and seekers alike when jobs and those interested in the jobs are more focused – saves everyone time. Dental professionals get our 100% attention!

Q: Does it cost job seekers anything?

A: Nope. FREE. In fact, you get to create a profile and automated notices whenever a new job is posted. That means you don’t have to go to our site multiple times a day to see what’s new. You just set up a profile, set your alerts for when you want them, and focus your time on other things.

Q: Does it cost employers anything?

A: Yes, but we’ve done our homework and UDJ is the lowest price and best value you’ll find both locally and nationally. No other site offers the combination of both local focus and robust features for employers and seekers.

Q: Aside from being a dental-focused site, what makes it any better?

A: We’ve used all the job boards, both Utah-based and national for years, and decided each one was lacking in one way or another. So we created our own. For job seekers it’s cool because you can create your own profile (with lots of features) that can be made visible to employers, and you can create e-mail alerts for when new jobs are posted. For employers, along with the lowest cost for posting a job opening, you get the ability search profiles of professionals looking for work, and ultimately you get more qualified applicants.

Q: Can employers pay online?

A: Yes, our 3rd party payment portal (PayPal) accepts all major forms of credit card payment whether you have a PayPal account or not. Again, having a PayPal account is NOT required to place a job opening ad with Utah Dental Jobs.